Glide (YC W19) is hiring a product designer and two engineers

Glide’s ( mission is to create a billion new software developers by 2030. We started by making it easy & fun for anyone to create mobile apps from Google Sheets, but our ambition is to radically improve how software is designed & developed in general, so that anyone can create software to improve their community, their business, or their life.

Since launching Glide during YC a little over a year ago, over 100,000 entrepreneurs, students, workers, business owners, and everyday people have created apps with Glide.

We’re looking for our third designer—a product designer who has worked on technical products—to help us turn the complexity of software design & development into a simple, intuitive, and powerful interface that anyone can use. [Learn more](…).

We now run a considerable amount of global infrastructure and are looking for an ops engineer to tame this complexity and improve our velocity and service reliability. [Learn more](

Finally, we’re looking for another software engineer to work on the Glide platform & product. Come help us make software development simple but not simplistic, easy but not boring, and fun but powerful! [Learn more](…).

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