Marble (YC S19) Is Hiring an iOS Engineer in SF

Marble is backed by legendary investors Naval Ravikant and Ron Conway, is Thiel Fellow cofounded, and started at Brown University

We’ve processed $3M+ from over 260K customers and are launching across several national accounts.

Marble enables cashier-free checkout for restaurants—order in-store from iPads without having to talk to cashiers.


—Marble is flooded with demand
—We’re building a Delta Force engineering team
—Want to make a mark + have a critical role? Welcome!

We are looking for a foundational teammate who will work lock-step as we scale and push code to millions of users. If that’s what you’re looking for, welcome to the team.

—1+ years of Objective-C
—Or 1+ years of Swift

—If you’re interested in learning more, email us:

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