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Video calls are generally very exhausting. After being on a 20 person Zoom call, we decided to build Rally. Rally is a video application that makes it easy to hop between breakout conversations. Users can see and hear other conversations around them, as if they were in a shared space.

Rally feels like a real party or gathering, as opposed to feeling like a meeting. Instead of being stuck in a giant gallery view or siloed into breakout rooms, you are free to switch between tables and rooms as you like. Instead of everyone being on mute, you can choose to vibe off of the audible laughter and chatter from neighbouring tables in the room. You can also create private tables for more personal conversations and take the stage to present to everyone around you.

We launched on HN as part of YC’s newest cohort, and have been focused on organizations using us for happy hours, networking, virtual cafeteria’s and more. Our vision for Rally is to be the one solution where online interactions are more social. This could mean sidebar conversations during a presentation, matching you to the perfect person to network with, or just having a virtual cafeteria for serendipitous conversations.

We hare recruiting for two main engineering roles, and would be interested in speaking to people who would like to be operations interns. See our roles here:


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