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SEEKING WORK | Dublin, Ireland | REMOTE | Fullstack Developer | React focussed | 5+ years experience

Technology: react, redux, mobx, styled-components, expressjs, node, mysql, mongodb

Mobile: React Native


Availability: 40+ hrs / week

At IBM and as an independent contractor I have always been happy to work with React. So after working 18 months for an amazing remote employer I’ve decided to go back to React as a contractor. After all the mobile (ios/android) experience I’ve gained in the past two years building and deploying apps from command line to the play & app store, I’m excited to bring that experience to react native.

Other stuff:




Example (video) project I’ve worked on:

Personal GitHub:

Due to the amount of NDA’s I’ve needed to sign for mostly B2B application, I don’t have the most extensive (github) portfolio. All the clients I will be getting through the Gigster platform (I’ve recently been accepted on) will be confidential as well. So although I am open to all React projects, I have a preference for projects which I can eventually showcase.

If you think we can help each other out, shoot me a mail or message me on linkedIn. Even if it is just for a short virtual coffee.

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