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Sygnum Bank AG | (Senior) Site Reliability Engineer | Zurich, Switzerland |

Sygnum Bank (world’s first regulated digital assets bank) is growing its SRE team.

About you:

•You have several years of backend software development experience in any of the following languages: TypeScript, NodeJS, Java, Bash or Go;

•You have significant knowledge of architecting, building and securely maintaining infrastructure running on AWS, Azure or GCP in an immutable (declarative) fashion;

•You’re familiar with DevOps practices and can advance them among peers;

•You have solid experience with Docker and orchestrators such as Kubernetes, OpenShift or ECS;

•Experience with designing, building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines (preferably with GitLab);

•Experience with DevSecOps practices and with building/adhering to a Secure SDLC;

•Experience with meeting strict SLOs (of up-to 99.999%) in production services;

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