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Agency: Yes


  - Frontend: ReactJS, Angular 8+, VueJS, Gatsby/ Next, Bootstrap, Backbone.js
  - Backend: Nodejs, Laravel, PHP, Firebase
  - Mobile Native: Swift, Objective-C, Java & Kotlin 
  - Mobile Cross Platform: Flutter, React Native
  - Database: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL
  - Cloud:  Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud
  - Frameworks: Stripe, Mailchimp

Recent Work:

* Subscription eCommerce for Art Supplies – Shopify, ChargeBee

* SportsTech Solutions in Athlete Development, Video Analysis, Scouting etc.

* Newsroom in the Cloud – Collaboration & Communication for Newsroom in the Cloud (AngularJS, PostgreSQL, AWS)

Key Industries: SportsTech, Health & Wellness, eCommerce, FinTech

Agency Profile:,

Website & Work:


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