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SEEKING FREELANCER | Remote (any location)

Need an expert advisor/developer to help us resolve a few road blocks we are facing in the web scraping framework:

– reCaptcha based issues – we use 2captcha to solve, it works fine. But few websites have additional security by validating the reCaptcha if it was manually filled or not. (Eg:

– Web crawlers / automation tools like Selenium being blocked to interact with website (Eg:

– 2FA – Additional level of security by security questions or OTP (sms/email)

– IPs blocked due to maximum logins done with in a period of time

– Geography based blocking, some website only allow USA based IPs to the website. (Current solution : VPN)

Anyone available for a few hours to help advise/develop the best solutions to the above? This will be a short contract-based role.

Urgency: High Priority/Immediate.

Contact me at with your work portfolio/resume and hourly compensation for this collaboration.

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