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Location: EU

Remote: Yes, have six years of experience working fully remotely. I have my own company with VAT-EU.

Willing to relocate: Yes – for interesting offer

Technologies: mainly mobile – android sdk / ndk / kotlin, swift / ios, CI/CD, DDD, TDD, BDD, OWASP, mobile security. I know python, c++, java, and i have very strong algorithm background.

Résumé/CV/References: on request

Email: [at] gmail

I am polish nationwide math contest finalist, CS graduate. I had possibility to continue my master thesis related with multidimensional optimalisation as a PHD in Australia. I have eight years professional experience. I worked in Munich, Palo Alto, Amsterdam, Barcelona and remotely.

Some projects i worked on:

a) one of the most popular VoD application in the world – more than 15mln installations

b) in USA i worked on fitness tracker that was preinstalled in China on 50+ mln devices

c) Amsterdam and remotely: application that was selected by google as one of the best AR application and it was highlighted on their blog.

d) mobile consultant in EU unicorn: responsible for process improvement, cooperation with design, management, developers. Improving KPI / OKRs

I like lean / pragmatism approach, automatisation. I wore project manager, ios / android architect, principle developer hats. I like to apply holistic vision and do multidimensional optimisation in the project.

If you are looking for best in class mobile developer – ping me!

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