New comment by jre in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (September 2019)"

Picterra | Software Engineer, Backend & DevOps | Lausanne, Switzerland | Fulltime | Onsite |

We are a top tier VC-backed up start-up based in Lausanne, Switzerland. We are building the Google
Search for the physical world. Our ambition is to give everyone–not just data scientists and
developers–the opportunity to analyze and draw real-time insights from satellite and aerial imagery, all in just a few clicks.

We are looking for a Software Engineer with experience (~5 years) and interest in Backend/DevOps. You will join our small (currently 5) development team to help us scale our machine learning platform. Our scale challenges are mostly around data and efficient GPU utilization and not so much about number of concurrent users.

We have a Vue.js/Python/Django/DRF/Postgres/Docker/Kubernetes stack.

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