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  • I make software talk to hardware. *4
  • Making computers look at shit with high-res cameras in real-time *1
  • Making robots dig up shit *6  
  • Preventing your semi-autonomous vehicles from smacking in to stuff they shouldn't including using VOD in GPS-denied environments
  • Native implementations of augmented reality & virtual reality on high-powered (and low-powered, I ain't proud) compute hardware
  • Robotics & motion control & self-navigating drones just in case you need to take out a mobile target with an explosive device travelling at speeds up to 80KPH *2
  • Sensor fusion in case you need to do some scary, invasive marketing of pinpointing a target at a mall and determining their age, gender and gaze by analysing how their phone is being carried using off-the-shelf commodity sensor hardware. *5
  • Multi-point touch interface with toe bean rejection to coordinate target acquisition by an apex predator against a realtime feedback machine learning avatar exhibiting prey response *8
  • Tons of languages to get up to speed quickly, but mostly native stuff like C, C++, Objective-C, C# (learn all the C's), Android NDK, ARM, MIPS, x86 (and others) including those "soft" languages all the cool Bay area programmers are using like Python, Typescript, Ruby and Rust
  • Unity3D & Unreal engine low-level optimizations & native code when Blueprints don't cut it and you have one too many Update() calls in your Unity3D project
  • Lots of open-ness, e.g. OpenGL, OpenCL, OpenCV, OpenCompute, GPU programming and gstreamer
  • Low-latency video streaming, like sub-frame low-latency (under 30ms) and image recogition when it is really important you don't make your audience want to vomit when driving a robotic backhoe
  • Real world products shipped that you can find in most homes, also, your phone? I worked on that OS.
  • PyTorch, TensorFlow, MCT, Accord because life is too short to constantly be writing your own frameworks & libraries these days
  • Internet scale video content distribution pipeline *7
  • Game Development on consoles & mobile & PC
  • Firmware & embedded systems in compute & memory constrained environments because the PM was too cheap to spring for an extra 4gbit flash chip on the board.
  • OpenWRT development & drivers for SBC/SoC & router devices because your CTO was too cheap to license a commercial router OS
  • Technical Project Management & Team Leadership with agency+startup+mid-cap CTO experience but that ain't what I'm looking for
  • Windows & Linux internals/kernal work
  • Windows & Linux device drivers


  • 20+ years of experience *3
  • Masters in Software Engineering
  • Masters in Artificial Intelligence
  • Masters Project Management
  • Masters Entrepreneurship/Marketing
  • Masters Business Administration
  • Bachelors Computer Science
  • Diploma in Electronics


Rate: $225/hr with a minimum budget of $100K, rate negotiable for long-term, multi-year projects

NB: No agencies, no third-party recruiters, no stupid CRUD apps that could be done with a no-code website

  *1. No, really, I wrote some computer vision software that identifies coprolites.
  *2. I don't do military stuff, work on anything that is specifically designed to kill someone or projects that have the potential to be weaponized so stop ****ing asking.
  *3. No, I'm not interested in doing a Leetcode before I get to talk to a human being.
  *4. Sometimes the hardware talks back but I refuse to admit I worked on that line of creepy robot toys
  *5. Also, those creepy wrist bands you wear at theme parks and on-board cruise ships. I *happen to know* you ain't jogging at 4AM in the morning in your state room.
  *6. I used an industrial medical robot arm augmented with tele-presence and Amazon MechanicalTurk so I can pay someone 25 cents to clean my cat's litter box.
  *7. I built the first iterations for the backend of a popular video streaming website that a large majority of your employees have spent "alone time" with.
  *8. My cat gets bored when I am working, I built a multi-touch game for her with the virtual prey learning from her actions

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