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   * Senior Frontend Software Engineer @ Athenian
   * @company Athenian (
   * @role    Senior Frontend Software Engineer (JS + React) | Full-time | REMOTE (UTC -3 to UTC +3).
   * @link
   * @author  Athenian 

For full details about the company & role, including compensation, and how to apply:…

At Athenian we help development teams get end-to-end visibility into how software is being developed & delivered, so they can improve towards best practices and find bottlenecks. We provide a productivity & analytics web product (see live product demo) that turns software development metadata such as tickets (Jira), source code host providers (Github, etc), CI/CD tools (Github checks, Travis, etc.) and others into actionable metrics and insights.

Check a live product demo:…

If we can help with any questions, reach us out at!

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