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Hi, my name is Pete, and I’m an unusual case looking for unusual work. While I’ve currently got a very full plate, I’d consider making (up to full-time) room on it for the right opportunity.

I know some stuff about programming. I’ve been programming since the age of six, and completed an MSc at Oxford in Software Engineering, which I was admitted to without an undergraduate degree, finishing top of the class. My default chainsaw of choice is Perl, but I’m comfortable in JavaScript and Python, and could probably get my Haskell, Erlang, or Golang to a production level if needed. I would love a chance to bill someone else to learn Rust. I have an extensive open-source portfolio I can share with you.

I know some stuff about managing software teams. My last real job was as CTO at a 200 person company, with a 40 person onsite team in London. When I started, it was around 20, without a single project manager, which was frankly terrifying. We fixed it though! I think my direct reports mostly liked me, and I’d be happy to put you in touch with some of them — or the other directors, or my boss — for references.

I know some stuff about recruitment. The company I was CTO for made recruitment software. Then I started a recruitment company, which is still going, and reasonably profitable. I’ve found developers for clients in the US, UK, wider EU, and Australia. In doing this I had to learn far more than I ever wanted about sales cycles, procurement processes, marketing, and contracts, but we’re a supplier to several large, well-known companies, and spend about $30,000 a year sponsoring various community conferences, newsletters, programming competitions, etc.

I’m a British Citizen living in Bangkok, Thailand, and I’m not planning to move, but I’m happy to do a large amount of (paid) work-related travel. I’m happy to meet your clients, investors, leads, developers, and sit in meetings with them. I’m happy to go and build prototypes of your wild-ass ideas for a product. I’m happy to do architectural reviews, actual code reviews, fix your hiring process, put together a recruitment marketing plan. I’m happy to take your overworked and stressed out CTO for lunch, do an ad-hoc therapy session with them, and give them a plan for making them enjoy their job more. I love working with non-technical commercial people to help them understand technical plans they’ve been given that they want to kick the tyres on.

My day-rate ranges from $750/day for full-time, remote work with a minimum commitment of three months, to $1,500/day + travel for anything ad-hoc.

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