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Drive Commerce ( | Full-time | REMOTE – US ONLY | Front-end JavaScript

We are looking for a talented, detail-oriented Front-end JavaScript developer who enjoys building beautiful, highly creative, and interactive user experiences.

At Drive Commerce, we support global retailers with guided shopping, product audit, and product customization software solutions. Our goal is to build tools that decrease time to market, automate the mundane, and increase consistency and repeatability.

You will work closely with the core product team to help with implementations and platform development of our products:

– Build highly visual and interactive product configurators and customizers;

– Work with clients and designers to create guided shopping experiences — quizzes and product recommenders.

Some other notes:

– We use VueJS and Vuex for a lot of projects;

– And also good old jQuery

– Ecommerce experience is nice to have

– Coming from the design background? We love that experience!

Apply at

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