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SEEKING WORK | Full Stack Engineer specialized in Ruby on Rails and InfoSec | Paris or remote

I have 5+ years of experience with Ruby on Rails. I also have a diploma and work experience in Information Security (but I am completely open about working in other fields). Strong entrepreneurial mindset and happy to participate to my client/employer company at every level, not just technical.

I have experience in refactoring apps for easier maintenance and evolution, and in upgrading legacy apps (I have migrated an app from Rails 2 to Rails 5 without issues). I take extra care for UX and design when implementing new features, and try to maximise developer happiness by using the most efficient tools available (exemple: static type-checking with TypeScript instead of JS, etc).


* Backend: Ruby on Rails, Python

* Frontend: ReactJS with TypeScript or JavaScript

* Mobile: React-Native

* Also: good knowledge of SQL, Bash, C, Electron, …, and willing to learn Elixir


* Email: vincent.marquet1 [at]

* Github:

* Stack Overflow:

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