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Wyssen Avalanche Control | Backend/Full-Stack Engineer | Switzerland | Onsite | Full Time |

Visa possible for the right applicant (EU preferred)

Wyssen sets the standard for innovative and high quality solutions for risk management in avalanche-exposed areas. We deliver cost-effective and ecological solutions for avalanche control equipment and software tools.

We have over 350 avalanche towers protecting roads, railroads and infrastructure in Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Chile and Canada.

We are constantly focusing on innovative solutions, and this has enabled us to set the standard in the field of avalanche control with our state-of-the-art technology and professional risk solution services.

We are located in Reichenbach im Kandertal, a small ski town in the Bernese Oberland (ten minutes to Adelboden ski area, 30 minutes to Interlaken, 30 minutes to Bern).

Our current team is small: one frontend engineer, one devops/backend engineer (me), and the electrical engineer who built the initial application. The practical challenge right now is to transform the current, non-OOP, primarily PHP application into a modern, extensible, and manageable tool for our users and for future developers. We are looking for someone with a strong architectural background and experience with PHP web applications. You and I will have an opportunity to define much of the direction and technologies we will adopt or modify.

Most of the team speaks Swiss German, but I am a native English speaker and we use English for technical discussions.

Job description (in German):

Please email me with questions: gerrit[at]wyssen[dot]com

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