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  Location: Seattle Area
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: Prefer local/remote.

   - Game Programming & related (C#, Unity 3d, Python, JSON, Couchbase, Django, etc...)
   - Embedded Programming (C++, C, VxWorks, etc...)
   - Cloud (AWS)

  Résumé/CV: Email me and I'll give pdf/docx.
  Email: cole , 2021 & brown , dev

    - Have more "portfolio" code not on GitHub if interested.


I’m a Game Programmer. My current task is to port an MMO video game from a traditional colo server achitecture to a cloud architecture. I’m also in charge of: maintaining the colo version and its ~50 servers; planning technical features for upcoming milestones; writing code for the game or the website(s). I’m the ‘jack of all trades’ – but my boss likes my ability to jump on emergencies or new unknown things and get done whatever needs doing.

Before games, I was an Embedded Programmer. I made hardware easier to access for the rest of the programmers. I mainly did OS abstractions; the hardware abstraction layer; and I2C/SPI drivers on custom hardware.

I’ve figured out hardware bugs, ‘magic blue smoke’ bugs, ‘this is too old to have documentation anymore’ bugs…

About Me:

I ‘d like interesting problems to figure out.

I’m interested in leaving video game development for a better work/life balance, career future, and salary.

I’ve got a decent sized Python 3 project on GitHub and am learning Rust in my free-ish time.

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