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SEEKING WORK | Remote | Part-time

I am a freelance software engineer with over eight years of experience and a background in information security. I prefer backend work, and I have experience in a variety of projects and technologies, including data integration, Intel SGX, consensus protocols, REST APIs and web development. I am familiar with agile methodologies, and I have worked as scrum master and in DevOps roles.

I learn things quickly, greatly enjoy solving challenging problems and pride myself in delivering custom solutions that address your needs in the best possible way, from their design and architecture to their day-to-day performance.

In addition to doing development, I believe I am the most helpful with system design and architecture, including APIs; coaching and mentoring and code reviews.

Technologies: C, C++, CSS (especially legacy browsers), Docker, ES6+, express.js, Intel SGX, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, LDAP, Linux, Neo4j, nginx, Node.js, PHP, PL/SQL, Postfix, TypeScript, Xen, (X)HTML5 and more.

I am available for part-time engagements.

Location: Argentina / Norway

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Not at the moment


Email: cmljYXJkb1thdF1leGFjdHJlYWx0eVtkb3RdY29bZG90XXVr


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