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Not explicitly looking (my current employer is outstanding, and would be a tough bar to clear), but willing to engage with and investigate compelling opportunities.

Location: Canada, Pacific time zone

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: C# & DotNet, MariaDB & MSSQL (DBA), Windows Server (sysadmin), Computer Hardware & Networking, CentOS, virtualization, PHP with frameworks like Laravel (no WP, please), Java, HTML, CSS, and much, much more. I have touched nearly all major components of the IT ecosystem short of game design and 3D animation.

Most of my development work has been with server-side business web applications to be used inside a company on both full-fat PCs as well as fat-free mobile devices with equal functionality and performance. Some eCommerce and stand-alone Desktop programs. Also strong UI/UX skills with a focus on minimalism and simplifying systems to maximize functionality and usability.

My technical preference for development is full stack web-based work (both front end and back end, from needs assessment and DB design through coding to visual design and layout) primarily with the DotNet platform and MSSQL. I am a developer that focuses on quality, simplicity, practicality, reliability, and the most effective solution for the need at hand.

My technical preference _beyond_ development is to be a jack of all trades, providing all the IT resources that a medium sized business might need from a full-time individual. Literally nothing would be off the table as long as it is clearly IT related. I have had several decades of CS experience in hardware and networking, as well as systems administration in both businesses and datacentres.

My non-technical preference is a leadership or coordinating position, possibly as a head of IT in a medium sized business in my local area. My second Bachelor’s was a BBA in Accounting with a minor in leadership and strategic management.

Résumé/CV: Upon request.


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