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SEEKING WORK | REMOTE (travel possible) | Los Angeles, CA

I’m a freelance developer with 7 years of experience. I specialize in helping early stage companies bring their ideas to life as new apps and websites. Beyond creating a beautiful app with you, I’ll make sure we’re measuring the right things so you can get the best outcomes. I build apps to allow quick iteration and short feedback loops. My experience at startups has taught me how to pick the right features to build and validate quickly, which saves you money and time. I can help you integrate marketing, analytics, and sales to get the most out of your creation. One of the first companies I worked with, SwoopSrch, I helped take their rough idea of what they wanted to an MVP in a weekend. Then I spent a year helping them iterate on the idea. I spent a few years at Rackspace building massively scalable cloud infrastructure and making open source contributions to OpenStack. Then, I started as the first engineer at a startup, Triggr Health, building apps to help people in addiction recovery and help with mental health issues. One of my freelance clients was the University of Maryland, who I helped migrate some Flash apps to React and handle some challenging performance issues. Another client is HealthJay, who I helped to build an app to track seniors and detect falls. I built an Apple Watch app for them, as well as a React Native app (which also detects falls), a React back office app, and a Node backend.

I’ve got experience with:

– React Native

– React

– iOS/Android native development

– NodeJS

– Javascript and Typescript

– Python

– Django

– OpenStack, AWS, Ansible, DevOps




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